Robot birthday Greetings

This card (well the Robots at least) were made in duplicate, you can see Mum crew here too. Isn’t fascinating to see how the 2 sets have different characters, even though the same colours were used. Mum things her Robots are a bit more suited to a Halloween set. What do you think?
 I had a video call with my Mum in Spain, and we had our version of a ‘crafty get together’.
Amazingly it works really well (dependant on the Internet connection) and we are able to have a good natter, until the early hours, and complete a project at the same time.
It is a great way to be close with family, even though you are in different parts of the world. We really enjoy it, and it gives us both a reason to sit down to create and share.

One Comment

  • Joan

    Love it Claire,we did have a bit of a laugh making these as yours turned out much better than mine as mine looked like something out of the Thriller Video :-). I look forward to our next making session.

    mum xx