Mums Cards

When I started this blog, I said it was to be all about sharing our crafty work with each other. So here is a sample of some of Mums cards. I think this first card is one of my all time favourites using an embossing folder for the background and Tim Holtz ink to create the ‘wood’ effect – a perfect setting for the decoupage toadstool.
Mums confidence has grown over the months. As time has gone on and she has had more time to play, practice and experiment you can definitely see that she is gaining more confidence and experience (though I bet she is shaking her head as she reads this ! hehe)
I am slightly annoyed with myself because I thought I had safely saved all the card photos that Mum had sent to me, but who knows where they have ended up in the depths of the computers memory – they have been some really pretty creations. Never mind, I have a safe area to store them now, and will update you every now and again.
Thanks Mum !


  • acreativeneed

    Your Mum's cards are really lovely Claire!! I love how she used the embossing and for the toadstool background. The antique car has great colors and the lovely topiary is so sweet!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my images the other day! You don't know how much I appreciated it!! I was so touched to hear that the one image reminded you of your son, and I so needed to hear that there are others that enjoy non cutesy images too!! 🙂

  • Joan

    Thank you Claire for your comments on my cards and yes you were right – I was shaking my head asIi read it (but with a smile too).Just a quick thank you to Deena for her comments also.
    I never thought for one minute my cards would end up on your Blog!

    Mum xx

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