Documented December – Day 17, Christmas Past

I am still on track with my Documented December album, and its day 17. My turn to post my entries  and inspiration for today’s prompt over at Sarah Hurleys blogChristmas Past.

It was so hard to decide how to represent this, I think I could probably fill an album for this day alone. I have many many memories of Christmas, as a child and also of more recent times as I try to create Christmas’s for my children to remember as fondly.
I opted for two pages and went with my initial thoughts. I found some photos of Mum Dad, Me and my sister (Helen) in a state of silliness – which to be honest is generally what we usually aim to achieve at some stage during the celebrations of all the Christmas’s I can remember. 

Secondly I chose this photo of Nan & Grandad, to give it a place where I know I can find it and to be honest, I have always remembered it with them wearing paper hats…..but clearly that’s not the case LOL…..funny how your mind works sometimes isn’t it!

See you again soon, with another day to share.


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