Crafty Desk Storage

I cannot take full credit for this project, I saw the idea in one of my magazines and something about it appealed, and it seems an ideal opportunity to use a collection of Basic Grey papers, and enjoy them everyday, by having them on my desk. it makes ideal storage for all the die cut shapes and alphabets that just seem to collect in little piles on your work space !!

 Here is the kit as it stands. the unit itself is made from sturdy MDF, and the 9 drawers are made from heavy weight pre-scored mountboard.

 All internal surfaces and base I painted fully, and the external surfaces i only painted the edges, because they were to be covered in paper.The acrylic paint dried very quickly and provided good coverage with just one coat.  The paint used is an Adirondack acrylic paint dabber, colour mushroom, and has a self loading sponge dabber built into the lid for easily application.       

The drawers were painted both sides, and the front side was covered in paper. Before assembly both sides of the drawers were covered in a coat of Mod Podge, and easily spreadable PVA glue, thats seals the paper and paint to the surface and acts as a varnish, giving a lovely smooth even finish to the item.
The drawers we assembled using a quick drying strong super glue. To finish, the MDF unit was assembled. Because the pre drilled slots provide a tight fit, no glue was required. By assembling the unit as a whole it provided its own rigidity. After assembly the outside edges were covered in paper, and the whole unit painted with a layer of Mod Podge again to seal and provide a hard wearing matt varnished surface. 

The finishing touches were added to drawers by punching a hole on the front side and attaching some cute little Tim Holtz handle embellishments, that co-ordinate perfectly with the Basic Grey, Capella paper collection used throughout.