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Pattern building with Abstract Corner stamps and Tonic Nuvo embossing powders.

Hi, there, I have been playing and stamping with my Abstract Corner stamps from Imagine Design Create to show you how you can build patterns with these useful little stamps. i have added to the pattern and incorporated a colour scheme by using Tonic Nuvo embossing powders.


The little motif stamps within this set are so useful and there is no end of different combinations in which to use them. They obviously do as they say ‘on the tin’, but also they are so much more. The best advice i can give is to take some spare copy paper, and ink or two in your favourite colours and stamp. See how the shapes fit together….what happens if you rotate the stamp….stamp the mirror image.

I encourage you to just play.

Develop a plan

Having got the feel of the shapes, begin arranging them into patterns, using a combination of may 1-3 stamps. I would suggest stamping in a symmetrical style initially. but again, that is entirely personal preference.

Introduce Colour

When you have a pattern you are pleased with, introduce some colour and watch how the pattern alters. Try stamping the same pattern a couple of times in different combinations. I have introduced colour with embossing powders.

When I began crafting years ago I was transfixed by the heat embossing technique, but in recent times havn’t used it as much as used to.  That was until i discovered the Tonic Nuvo Embossing powders. The quality of the powders, both the colours and the glitter finishes are the best I have worked with. The quality of the finish, the quality of the colour and even the speed at which they set with the heat tool are second to none (in my opinion), and I’m so glad that my initial fascination with heat embossing has been re-ignited.

The more you play the more confident you will become in stamping directly onto your chosen project.


Creating patterns in this way is perfect for creating your own design paper to use as backgrounds. But also, it is an ideal technique to use when making card/projects for guys and teenagers and people who don’t necessarily fit with any images you may have.

Plus you are in full control, you decide on the pattern, the colour, the size of he canvas you create.

To create my project

  • I have used Imagine Design Creates Abstract Corner stamps and Tonic Nuvo clear ink pad to create a symmetrical repeat pattern onto a piece of square cardstock.
  • I applied embossing powder, after each section of stamping, and alternated the colours of the embossing powder to enhance the stamped pattern.
  • When all stamping was complete, I heat set the powder with a heat tool.
  • I created a mat for my stamped project by taking a piece of cardstock slightly larger than my stamped layer. Around each edge of the larger layer I coloured a section about 0.5cm thick with the Tonic Nuvo glitter markers. When the two layers are matted the glitter markers create a perfect border for the artwork.


Have a watch of this time lapse video and watch as I create just one of the many patterns possible.


Items used

Imagine Design Create Abstract Corners A6 stamp set

Imagine Design Create Block Sentiment, 

Tonic Nuvo clear ink pad

Tonic nuvo Embossing Powder, Cool Jade, Serenity Blue, Gold enchantment

Tonic Nuvo Glitter Markers


Thanks for joining me today, see you next time