Peg Stamping – part 2 (Creative Stamping magazine)

I’m back with you today to share the final two cards I current;y have featuring in the Creative Stamping magazine, issue 24, on sale now.

Creative Stamping is an amazing magazine devoted to the wonderful
world of stamping.Each issue comes with a free set
of stamps worth over £20. This issue features the beautiful ‘In Bloom’ 24-piece A4 set of stamps. 

I and my fellow contributors have filled the magazine with 64 pages of fabulous inspiration using these floral stamps.

http://www.moremags.com/papercrafts/creative-stamping/issue24-creative-stamping    http://www.creativemagazines.com/

 I have written full instructions for you on how to make these cards in the magazine feature. I’d love to share them with you here today too.

My brief was to use just the smallest images of the set, and the Peg Stamping technique, to create beautiful cards. If you have seen my previous post (Peg Stamping -part 1), you will have seen that I stamped around an aperture, so here is a variation on that theme. What I did enjoy doing when making these cards is creating a border around the edge of the layers, with just a section of a single stamp.
For example…
The borders stamped onto the pink cardstock, around both the square edge and the outside aperture edge, were created using the same stamp.

For this card I have created a floral swag. To begin I stamped the flowers and filled in the space between the blooms with leaves, much the same as a florist would work with real flowers I would guess. Again you can see that the border was created in the same way as the previous card.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, I hope that you have enjoyed what I have created. If you would like to know how I created these card, full instructions are provided in Creative Stamping magazine.