Handcrafted Christmas cards vs shop bought ones

Hi there, I held a lovely workshop the other weekend in Cork, West Ireland. I am a papercrafter, stamper, card maker and someone who wants to establish regular creative get togethers and workshops among the crafty minded people in the area. I love being able to guide  people through a project, enabling them to take home a finished piece of artwork created from plain paper and card.

Cards are created on watercolour card, distress oxide hybrid ink colour the background. Images created with clear polymer stamps. The stamps are my designs exclusive to the Imagine Design Create brand.









So Handcrafted Christmas cards vs shop bought?

At the end of the workshop i asked how many would be making their own Christmas cards this year, and the resounding answer was ‘No way…why would we when we can buy them for a couple of pounds/euros at the shops!’


I have to admit I was a bit disappointed, but couldn’t disagree. Christmas is appearing earlier and earlier in the shops each year, with so much choice of every consumable we could want. And then there is the time issue….crafting and making anything by hand takes time- so the thought of making lots of cards is quite daunting (even for me).

However, everyone at the workshop had each made a fantastic card  and they were all proud of themselves….rightly so. So I rephrased the question and asked ‘Who will be giving this card away to someone special?’ this time they all answered much more positively.

Handmade cards (items) are a gift

So for me, when I give away one of my cards, I feel like I am giving a little gift too…..and thats why I like to create cards. They are a perfect little canvas to be able to do this. I focus more on the artwork and don’t always add a sentiment to the front, or if I do I add a small or discrete one – that way it becomes more of a piece of art that can (possibly) be kept and framed.

We all keep the little handmade notes, cards and drawing that our children make for us….they are precious memories and remind you of particular times as they grow. They are a great taking point when you have a tidy up of the attic, or when you move.


Making card for each other as adults is no different….it gives you a chance to put a little piece of yourself into each and everyone piece you give away…hopefully creating a memory for that someone special.


Thanks to everyone who made the workshop the other weekend, I hope that we will all get the chance to meet again in the New Year, as I have lots more ideas and projects to introduce to you.

cards made during the workshop

(thanks to Norma, Rebecca, Caroline, Sally-Ann for your photos)



Many thanks for reading, see you again soon

(Ps If you are local to Cork, West Ireland and interested in attending a workshop please do get in contact. I’d love to chat and see if I can help)


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