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I have been asked by my lovely and hugely talented friend Clare Brown to join in with the Creative blog hop. I have to say it seems hugely daunting, following in the footsteps of such creative people who have their own stamp ranges, or have (in my own opinion) their own completely unique inspirational style. Crafting however encompasses everyone, and we all encourage each other and particularly our children to be creative don’t we?
This is a fun, continuous hop full of inspirational people and their blogs. I can assure that you won’t be disappointed by joining in.
So it’s Monday and it’s my turn to post, to start of I have answered a few questions about myself and my work.
1. What am I working on?
At this particular moment in time I am away on a break as the children have finished school for the summer holidays. I have packed some crafting supplies (I couldn’t bear the thought of having nothing to hand). Its so hard to know what things to pack when you are so used to having all your stash available at your finger tips. But going back to basics, and really thinking about what I ultimately love about crafting, I decided on some inks, some kraft card, and a few of my favourite stamps. I have only had one evening playing and I was really pleased with these tags,

I made sure that the children have had activities to amuse them on wet days though and one of those, projects I have started with my youngest son is Pom Pom making. This is something that takes me back to my own childhood, so of course it was a matter of time before I introduced my boys to it. Its slow going because I want my 6 year old to have the delight of completing it all by himself, but I tell you, my fingers are itching to get it finished….. haha.

I do however have projects waiting for me back in my craft room, as well as papercrafts and cardmaking, I sew and cross stitch. I made sure that all my DT commitments were up to date before coming away, but I do have a couple of cross stitch patterns that I am mid way through. One is a sampler of all Kings & Queens through history, represented in little comical caricatures. I am stitching it onto a linen aida so that it will match a previous historical sampler I completed years ago.
2. How does my work differ from others in my genre
I think I would say that my style leans more towards the less is more way of thinking. I don’t go overboard with embellishments, particularly frilly fancy ones. I don’t use glitter or bling, and I very rarely use pinks and reds. I love all those elements on other peoples work, they look fabulous and I think there is a real art in getting in right…..but it’s not an art I have.
I adore natural colours and all shades ranging from cream to brown as a basis for all projects. To add colour I always lean towards blues, teals, greens and to add that splash of boldness I will use limes and turquoises. Anything outside these palettes I am out of my comfort zone.
Many people find mens cards daunting but I really enjoy them, and I think it’s because of the colours that I am naturally drawn too, as well as my love and passion for all things in the natural world.
3. Why do I write/create what I do?
Simply put, I love to be able to create something from nothing, and enjoy the process that entirely consumes your thoughts….its a fantastic way to relax.
I have always felt the urge to create. I was useless at Art as a subject at school, but at home, from the earliest age I always had a project on the go. I would sew my own stuffed toys, I used to cross-stitch and do tapestries as well as make and hand draw birthday cards. So to create is a way of life for me, my relaxation, my way to unwind and to have time to escape. I have expanded my skills and have taught myself to sew, to quilt and patchwork, and make curtains & blinds.



If I am unable to sit and create on my own, then I get my children involved and generally that means I am baking, and there are times (particularly christmas) we have cakes everywhere, of all kinds to suit all tastes.



4. How does your writing/creative process work?
It all depends on my mood really. As a member of a design team, I will quite often have a theme/brief to fulfill, but there are times when I sit down and play for pure pleasure, but I am not one for sketching out a project or planning too much. I just see where the mood takes me. I am trying to change that though, and I think to push forward and become a craft writer I should have an element of structure to what I do.
I generally start off finding a stamp that takes my fancy and have a particular colour in mind for that day, and see where that takes me. I like to take my time, and quite often I will leave a project on my desk for sometimes a couple of hours, possibly days (depending on what the kids are up to) and come back to it with fresh eyes to finish it off. If I am using design papers then I am completely in decisive and I’m afraid pretty much every sheet of patterned paper comes out, and ‘re-filed’ on the floor until the project is finished. this does cause a big problem as I share my craft room with my husband who works from home…..ooops.
Thanks so much for sticking with me on this epic post, I have actually really enjoyed it, and made me realise a few things about myself, so now that you know a little about me it’s now time to meet my 3 creative bloggers. Just click on their names which will direct you to their blogs and check back next Monday for their very own blog posts.
I chose Deena because when I first ventured into the world of blogging (back in April 2011), hers was the first blog that i followed and her style of cards just struck a chord with me. I still admire them greatly today, as Deena manages to capture everything I love about colour and design on a page. At the time too, if I remember correctly, Deena had just begun sharing her drawings, and was making the first tentative steps in developing the gorgeous creative blog she has today. Since then she has grown hugely in confidence and is sharing her artwork with everyone, here are a few words to introduce herself.
Hello,  I am a proud Mom of two beautiful boys and married to the most wonderful man for 17 years now!  I am so lucky to stay home with them full time,  and to also have time to pursue the fulfillment of my creative needs!
I started blogging to keep myself creatively motivated and inspired, to explore new ideas, and to share my own ideas and design techniques with all my friends, old and new!
I find the creative blogging community energizing, and it has helped me define my creative style in card making, while also opening doors to new creative outlets.  I enjoy the process of learning new techniques, and challenging myself to grow creatively, and I really enjoy sharing what I have learned along the way.  I hope I will  inspire you to take a creative moment with me!
I have been a creative designer for CUSTOM CROPS; a wonderful online scrapbook and craft supply store.  You will find many FREE card making and scapping tutorials and fun projects there!
I was also an original founder, coordinator and  design team member of Crafty Creations Challenges, for over 4 years.  Please give them a visit  as you will find wonderful inspiration and challenges there!
I am thrilled to have opened the doors to my own online shop: A CREATIVE NEED, where I sell my original art sketches digitized for use as high quality stamp images.   A selection of my digital stamps are also available online at SQUIGGLEFLY.
I hope you’ll join me for a creative moment!
Ria Montefalcon is a fellow member of Sarah Hurley design team, and brings her own clean unique style. I always look forward to Ria’s creations for her fabulous sense of style, ability to match patterns and colours, an amazingly clean, precise and professional way. When I am stuck and need inspiration a visit to Ria’s blog always gets me crafting again. Here are a few of her own words to introduce herself.
When I was a kid, I used to watch my mom sew our little pajamas with each of my siblings names hand  embroidered also by her. From that early beginnings I started to enjoy doing needle works, embroidery, sewing, other things made by hand and arts & crafts in general.
This blog is a personal journal of what I’m currently working on during my free time or what I wish will be doing.
I’m working thousand miles away from my home country and  every time I have the chance to do something creative, I’ll be making cards, hand stitching a small project  or sitting in my sewing machine doing a project just because.
I also love to travel and have special interest in photography.  You may see some travelogue some times on this blog too.
is also another friend, and amazingly creative person I have had the pleasure to get to know through Sarah Hurley’s design team. I first found Elaine in blogland a couple of years ago, when I happened across the challenge site she runs via her own creative blog. Elaine loves to explore others crafts outside of cardmaking, and loves to sew. Elaine loves to incorporate her passion for butterflies and photography into her crafting projects, and this has become her unique trade mark.



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