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Pom Pom Pets, from the ‘World of Imagination’

Hi There!

It’s my turn to post over on the Sarah Hurley 365 Blog, and today I am sharing this Pom Pom pet that I have made, as a joint effort with my youngest son Stephen.

These Pom Pom pets are part of Sarah’s ‘World of Imagination‘ Range,  for more details on other kits available and how I made this head over to



When Sarah launched these Pom Pom pets she had a bit of fun and posted selfies of all the characters that were available at launch, and with that in mind she also set a competition on Facebook for her followers to send in their own ‘best selfies’.

I couldn’t resist sending in these ‘selfies’ I had recently taken of my boys in Wales. As you can see it was a glorious day, and we had just visited a butterfly farm and were enjoying the sun outside. As all 6 year olds (at the time, he is 7 now) do, he had a few pennies of pocket money and wanted to buy this rubbery caterpillar thing and while we were picnicing outside the boys were having a bit of fun.

IMG_3508 IMG_3509 IMG_3510IMG_3511


Even inticing me to join in ….LOL!

Great times, I will always remember that day x




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