Nordic Style Stamped Christmas cards – Creative Stamping 27

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Creative Stamping 27 has landed on the shelves and I really can’t wait to get my copy, because I absolutely loved working with the FREE Woodland Christmas themed stamps available with this issue. I cannot wait to see how my fellow contributors used these gorgeous stamps (I think they have been my favourite ones so far ;-))
CS27 cover and stamps

I was asked to make 5 cards for this issue in the ever popular, Nordic Style stamped Christmas cards.

In the issue I talk you through how to make each card, and what sort of features to include to capture the Nordic Style. I have used only the FREE cover stamps to create the patterns (no design paper at all), some plain cardstock and minimal embellishments.

Over the next few posts I will reveal another card, for you. Today I’m giving you a closer look at my ‘Stag’ card that you can see featured on the front cover.

This card sums up the Nordic Style,

  • the monochromatic (red/white colour scheme)
  • the Stag of course
  • and also the repeating patterns.

I created the repeating patterns using the various smaller stamps in the set, and also added some houndstooth ribbon, and in the magazine I have provided a step by step tutorial on how to achieve this look.

CS27 Stag


The ‘Stag’s Head’ stamp is a beauty, and is VERY fashionable and on-trend for christmas styling this year. Just looking at the social media interest in this issue when first glimpse of the cover was released yesterday (8th Oct 2015), I noticed you are all excited by this stamp – I hope you will share your cards on the CREATIVE STAMPING FACEBOOK page for us all to see.

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Thank you so much for joining me today, hope you like what I’ve created and will join me again soon.


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