Happy Birthday Tom

Hi again, the summer holiday has meant that I have neglected my blog for a bit. Tom has 10 weeks off school, and at the beginning it loomed ahead of us – can you believe now that he only has 10 days left. He can’t and the thought makes him very glum.
I do remind him howver of the fun we have had visiting friends in Wales. A fantastic time in Spain with Grandparents, and now his birthday tomorrow and a week in Mallorca to top it all off. Not bad going really is it ?!!!

Anyway to the subject in hand, this is a quicky post because we are off to the airport in a few hours and I realised that I had not made Toms birthday card. snorkelling is his main topic of conversation this summer, but unfortunatly I have nothing related. So a beachy surfing theme was the next best thing, and I am pleased with how it turned out. Being 10 (arghh into double figures) he thinks he is all grown up, so hopefully this will help him on his way out of younger boyish things.

Cartridge used
Graphically speaking



  • acreativeneed

    Wonderful card for your son, Claire! I know how you're feeling about the double digits,yikes, right!?? My boys are not happy about seeing the end of their summer either. Only a week left! Enjoy the rest of your time together!
    Smiles, Deena