Creative Expressions

My first watercolour painting, Bee-eater

I’d like to share something very different today, but something I am very proud of. I have shared with my Dad a life long fascination of birds, and when I received a palette of iridescent watercolour paints from Creative Expressions, I was inspired by the colours to paint this glorious bird to put on the front of a card for Dad’s birthday.

Bee-eaters are an African species, that migrate north through Spain in the summer, and as their name suggests they are known for catching and eating bees. I have never actually seen one myself, but they are a stunning bird, about the size of a crow but more slender. Stunningly they are actually this vibrant in colour in real life, though I have never seen one for myself. Dad photographs these birds regularly in Spain where he lives, and I chose one of those photographs on which to base this painting.

I have very little confidence, and perhaps patience in my drawing and painting ability, but I really really wanted to make this work, and I am so chuffed with myself that it has turned out so well. I think Dad too was pleased, and perhaps surprised!

To see Dad’s stunning photo’s of these birds, follow this link



I thank you for joining me today, I really appreciate the support.