Exciting News

Well, its half term, again, the christmas holidays were only 5 minutes ago, that’s how it seems anyway.
Where is the time going?
And I still have a lingering cold type thing that will not go and for the last 5 days it feels as though my head has been stuffed with cotton wool, and I can barely hear a thing.

Its not a good time to be feeling under the weather with the boys at home – but then again, if I can’t hear properly maybe it will block out some of the bickering and whinging that you otherwise bother me…..mmmmm.  The boys are not that bad honestly, and the youngest is at nursery for 3 of the mornings anyway, giving me a chance to spend some time with my eldest. In a complete turn up for the books, I have now started to teach him how to play the guitar!. So far he is really enthusiastic and listening to me. Its great, I started learning at around his age, and have 2 guitars so its perfect. Its lovely to see him learning on my original smaller instrument

Anyway that is not my exciting news…….I can now say that I can put my ‘creative makings’ to good use and have been invited by a website www.stamp-n-doodle.com  to join a design team, and along with the rest of the team members provide a design for their weekly challenges on their blog.

Here is my first offering for the up coming challenge FOOD or BEVERAGE.

 Stamp-n-Doodle is a Canadian  based stamp company founded by Lynne Crosskill.  There is a wonderful collection of digi stamps, and also unmounted rubber stamps, that range from character figures, but also natural images of wild animals and scenery, that will appeal to those who do not tend to go for ‘cutsey’ images. I am really taken with them all.

Hope you can make it over and join in with the challenges.

 Thank you for taking the time to visit me.