Easter 2011 Memories

It has been a bit hit and miss this week as to whether I would be able to post, we have had major connection problems with the internet.

It seems to be work, so lets hope I can get to the end of this post. I have had this idea floating around in my head for a fair few months now, and this project just seemed to lend itself to actually finishing it, and is a lovely way to have a keepsake of a weekend away.

The layout is made on a 12×12 double sided scrapbook paper, and folds down to a 6×6 mini album, perfect for posting. Basically the page is divided into 9 sections and all folds inwards to the 6×6 central panel. The top 3 panel dimensions are (from left to right) 3×3″, 3×6″ and 3×3″. These dimensions are mirrored along the bottom panels. Only 4 cuts are required (all horizontal),