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Decorative Roses – Just one Stamp for Creative Stamping

This edition of Creative Stamping (issue 30) has a beautiful set of free stamps, and will inspire those of you who love Rennie Mackintosh designs, will absolutely love using these stamps.

I was asked to use the smallest single rose stamp, to create a set of cards, the idea being that we get the absolute most out of each set of stamps we have.

For more information follow the link Creative Stamping, issue 30

cs30.p01-coverAdobe Photoshop PDF

Even on it’s own, the smallest of stamps, used imaginatively can create beautiful modern cards. I havn’t used many other supplies, mainly just card stock, ink and embossing powder. Full details to make are available in the magazine.

I hope you enjoy what I have created for you!

CS30 4   CS30 3 CS30 2   CS30 1

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