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Creating decoupage layers with Stamps

In this issue of Creative Stamping Magazine, 29 it is all about Family Celebrations, and the free stamps accompanying this edition cover cards for the whole family. My brief from the editor this time round was to demonstrate how stamps can be used to create many layered images ie. decoupage.

CS29 cover CS29 Backing Card

It can be easy to just use the stamp as is, and produce a 2 dimensional image. Of course using them this way you have the opportunity to use many of your colouring mediums to bring them to life. But sometimes it is just good to do something different, especially if you have already used the stamp many times over already.

CS29 cake easel
As well as being in a circle easel card, I have stacked and colour each of the layers of the cake.

My set of cards for you here hopefully show you that by stamping the image many times and fussy cutting out different elements of the image you can create your own 3D image. there are full written up instructions in this issue of the magazine.

i was particularly proud of these cards, because as you can see the editor chose my layered cake card as the main cover image …. I was chuffed to bits.

CS29 Flowers Expecially 4U

By stamping the floral bouquet many times and colouring each identically, i was able to cut out the flowers as individual elements and layering them together. I stamped the leaves from the free stamp set as a backdrop, before piecing the bouquet back together again.

CS29 pennant cupcake

CS29 Present sequins

CS29 balloons


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