Create a Calendar – February

Morning, thank you for joining me (Claire N) today as I share with you my next page in this mini series where we are creating a calendar.
February, traditionally is portrayed as the month of Valentines Day, but I see it as my sisters and niece’s birthdays, so I wanted to do something a bit different. 
As I stand at my kitchen window, seeing what I can see out in the garden, I find myself watching our resident Robin bravely defending his territory from the fencing panels around our oil tank. Our little character sits atop his fence panels alongside the evergreen Ceanothus plant (that unusually already has a couple of blue flowers in bloom….in January!).
So it is that scene that I wanted to create, using Jaine’s Robin’s stamps, originally designed for Christmas, so I was conscience not to make this piece look festive.
Thank you for joining me today, for a few more details, and to find inspiration to make your January pages, head over to Sarah Hurley’s 365 blog.