Ahoy there !!

This is just a quick post with a birthday card I made quickly for a 10 year old birthday party. It was the perfect opportunity to use the Imagine cartridge, Buccaneer.
The images print beautifully, but they really come to life when you start inking the edges and distressing the paper. Taking inspiration from many pirate films I have watched (and my own little four year old pirate character running about) it is a pleasure to work with this cartridge.



  • Joan

    I agree Claire I love working with this cartridge and I think that Stephen may recognise his birthday card from me this year ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love mum xxxx

  • Claire Newcombe

    Thank you Deena – its my youngest sons birthday next week and I think he will be getting a very similar card aswell :-).

    I'll make sure its different from your though Mum – I can imagine with all the Pirate cards about, he will definatly be pretending to be a Pirate himself at some stage in the day.
    Face paints at the ready i think !!!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.