A special project for a special birthday…

Afternoon, slightly different post, but I have been wanting to post this for a while now. But you know what it’s like when you now that you have a photo somewhere but just can’t find it…….well that’s what has taken the time here……I have searched high and low for the photo of this quilt in the making…..and I found it.
It was in a box of old photos and had fun with my two boys showing them photos of when they were babies…..and when their Dad and I looked ever so much younger  :-/.
I made this quilt for Mum, as many of you know now is Joan, over at Mirador Makings.
It is the fisrt time I had ever attempted a project like this (although I could sew and use a sewing machine). I lived near a quilting shop and was regularly enticed in with all the gorgeous patterned fabrics. Mum had a special birthday due, and it seemed like a great idea to make something special.
This is the quilt just as a patchwork project, I had to shift all the furniture out of the way in the front room, to make the wadding and backing sheet sandwich.
These two photos show the quilt in situ, being used everyday. I am pleased to say that at least 10 years on, and a few visits through the washing machine later, it is still holding fast (at least I hope, Mum hasn’t requested any mendings yet !!!)

I designed the quilt myself from scratch, and I even still have my workings out

I used 900 cut patchwork pieces, various shapes and sizes
**** 145 hours work ****


I think also from these photos, you can make out all the quilting stitches, the majority of what was done by hand.

I was having a kitchen refitted. I had to explain to the fitters why I would spend a couple of hours each day hidden under this quilt sewing away……LOL!

I would spend a good 2-3 hours each afternoon sewing, when my Thomas (12-18 months old at the time) would have his afternoon sleep


Hope you have enjoyed my reminiscing’s, and thank you for indulging me, I think its fun to look back over our past makings.